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It’s time to take the first step!  Complete the Mortgage protection Insurance Quote form below and we will shop your insurance request with over 50 top insurance carriers.  

Not all Mortgage protection Insurance policies are the same!  Don’t be fooled.  Many companies still offer only the old style mortgage protection insurance that ONLY protects against premature death and NOT against critical or chronic illness.   We will return with quotes for Living Benefit Mortgage Protection Insurance which protects against the financial impact of critical, chronic and terminal disease along with serious accidents and premature death. The cost is the same as the old kind of insurance because, like technology upgrades, insurance companies have learned how to give you more value for less money.  If you haven’t already, once you complete your quote request please take a look at the information and video on our Mortgage Protection Insurance page describing the benefits of living benefit mortgage protection insurance. You will be glad you did!

Important: The information you provide in this form will not be shared or sold!  You will NOT receive multiple telephone calls.  You may be contacted by one agent employed at Shield Insurance Solutions if there are questions we need to have answered before emailing you more information.  We are here to help you. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.   We absolutely hate it when we fill out a form on the internet and are immediately overwhelmed with sales calls.  We don’t do sales calls and would never put our clients through that frustration.  If you provide accurate information, we can put our 30+ years of experience to work helping you find the insurance coverage that meets your needs at the lowest possible cost

Thank you for submitting a mortgage protection insurance quote request.  Here is what will happen now.  Once we receive your request we will shop your needs with every “A” rated or better carrier that provides living benefit mortgage protection insurance, as well as those that provide the old fashioned coverage of only premature death.  This was, you can compare prices and make an informed decision.  If you haven’t already, please take a look at the information and video on our Mortgage Protection Insurance page.  You will be glad you did!

Mortgage protection insurance quoteAs a consumer, you should be looking for the best value when you shop for a mortgage protection insurance quote.  The best value is a combination of the lowest cost and most comprehensive benefits.  Each company that provides living benefit mortgage protection insurance has slightly different clauses that may impact your decision.  Most insurers that provide a living benefit mortgage protection insurance quote will pay your benefit to you immediately upon a critical illness or after 90-days of chronic illness or accident where you are unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living.

Also, as a consumer, you should be very conscious of the quality rating of any insurance provider.  Insurers that have an AM Best rating below “A” may offer a cheap policy, but you, the policy owner, bear a risk that the funds meant to provide your benefit will not be there when needed.  Don’t just jump on the lowest mortgage protection insurance quote!  Get the best value with a well rated company.

The rating system is there for a reason; to protect consumers.  According to A.M. Best, a company with a B rating has only a “Fair” ability to meet its financial obligations and “Financial strength is vulnerable to adverse changes in underwriting and economic conditions.”   The objective of any insurance policy is to transfer financial risk from you and your family to an insurance company.  When you do business with a low rated company you take on the risk that your policy will be worthless when you need it.

We only work with insurance companies that have an “A” or better rating as a matter of policy.  We never want our clients to be in a position of needing the insurance benefit and that benefit not being there. When you get a mortgage protection insurance quote from us you can be assured it is from a highly rated company that will be there for you when you need them.

How much mortgage protection insurance do you need?

When we shop your needs for a mortgage protection insurance quote we will get a price per thousand dollars of coverage.  you have the ability to choose an amount of coverage.  Typically there is a minimum coverage requirement of at least $50,000. Some consumers desire to have an entire mortgage paid off in the case of serious illness or death.  However, that is not always necessary and may not fit in your budget.  Another approach is to multiply your monthly mortgage payment by the number of months you want protection.  That may be five-years or ten-years or longer.  The decision is yours.  Just remember, some coverage is always better than none.

Once we have shopped your mortgage protection insurance quote needs we will be back to you with a mortgage protection insurance quote.

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